Green Soul Gaming Chair Review: Best Chair in India 2022

Green Soul Gaming Chair

The Green Soul gaming chair is very popular in the market because it was developed by an Indian founder who specializes in making cool-looking chairs. The gaming chair is designed for YouTube professionals, Twitch streamers, or anyone who needs a chair to match their immersive gaming environment. This chair is equipped with the latest comfort and design features that will help you play games more accurately.

Green Soul offers you 6 color options to choose from based on the design of your room and set the table to match everything for an aesthetic feel. There are many other features of the Green Soul gaming chair, so we ran a detailed review to help you decide whether or not the device will suit your needs. So, read on for the full design, specs, and my personal opinion of this gaming chair.

Pros & Cons

What we like
  • Weight capacity of 135 Kgs.
  • Adjustable height and armrest
  • Soft memory foam pillow
  • 90-180 degrees of recline
  • Ergonomic & durable frame
  • 4 Color options
  • Three years of warranty
What we don’t like
  • Expensive in price
  • No free assembly

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Green Soul Gaming Chair Review

Design & Looks of Green Soul Gaming Chair

As said earlier, the Green Soul gaming chair comes in 6 different color options, namely Black, Red, Blue, Gray, White, and Pink-White. Remember that the base color stays black and you get to choose the secondary color of the gaming chair. The pink-white color chair is only available on the official website of Greensoul and other colors as well, you will not get a Pink-White option on amazon.

Green Soul Chairs Color

This allows consumers to choose the color combinations they prefer for their homes. Overall, the gaming chair features a pro-gamer look that you can easily place anywhere in your room and get a good aesthetic vibe.

Moving on, the seats of Green Soul are equipped with ergonomically placed armrests to support your hands while playing, so you can play longer hours without feeling pain in your hands.

The texture of the fabric is also great and you get a small pillow to support your head and keep your posture in a healthy position. This makes the overall design very ergonomic for any user deciding to purchase the device for their gaming setup.

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Functions of Green Soul Gaming Chair

The chair is ergonomically designed and offers many special features to match the overall feel and looks that a gamer needs. The Green Souls seat has a pressure valve that allows you to adjust the height for people up to 6 feet.

The seat locking mechanism and overall design are backed by a three-year warranty with impressive customer service for solving your problems immediately.

Moving on to the back of the gaming chair, the seat support system is easy as I’ve tested many other chairs that give you more options to keep your back straight, but this device is for basic use only. One of the advantages of choosing the Green Souls chair is the adjustable armrest, which allows you to change the height and angle for better control.

In addition, thanks to the adjustable bracket mounted on the bottom, the gaming chair can be tilted 180 degrees, which keeps your weight steady and prevents you from falling.

Setup of Green Soul Gaming Chair

Assembling the gaming chair after delivery is quick and easy for most people. Yes, the gaming chair comes in several pieces that you just need to plug into the right place to complete installation at your home.

You will receive a manual with instructions in the box and a dedicated video on YouTube explaining the whole process in detail.

Click here to check the Unboxing & Assembly Video of Green Soul Monster Ultimate Gaming Chair

Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t offer a free installation service for users who don’t have much experience with gaming chairs, but you can contact a local worker to do the installation for you for very little cost.

If you do every step correctly, the frame of the game will last you a decade and you don’t have to worry about durability as all materials are rigorously tested before shipping.

Comfort of Green Soul Gaming Chair

Unlike other gaming chairs on the market, this Green Souls is very comfortable with an ergonomic body that is double layered on the top and bottom to help you maintain good posture.

Users have the option to adjust the height at any time to keep the chair parallel to the table. The soft seat with soft material that is not too thin and not too hard provides a comfortable setting every time you use the chair.

You can play games uninterrupted and the chair will help you minimize back or leg pain over the years. Another great thing about Green Souls is its perfect frame size, which fits most users with good back support to give you plenty of gaming time.

Green Souls has tried to maintain a high level of quality without compromising the overall design and ergonomics, making the entire chair ideal for everyone of any size.

Who is this even for?

People who need to maintain a professional look for gaming can opt to purchase the Green Soul gaming chair. This includes users who stream on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or others by spending time and money on building their brand.

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Plus, if you are on a budget and have a gaming computer that looks good with this gaming chair, then buying a chair is a good solution to make the room look amazing to others.

For the sake of comfort alone, there are many other chairs in the market that can help you sit comfortably at your desk and spend less money. So people looking to increase their productivity on games, instead of relaxing should look towards high-end chairs and other gaming accessories in the market.


The Green Soul Gaming Chair is a comfortable device equipped with head and back cushions to allow people to sit comfortably. The materials used in this device are durable to help you play games for hours daily without interruption and causing any problems over the years.

Most of the moving parts are adjustable, allowing the user to find a comfortable position and avoid potential long-term injury. In addition, you can recline the seat 180 degrees backward which supports 135 kg of user weight.

So anyone with the budget to buy a pro-gaming chair can invest in a Green Souls chair and play with more precision and control.

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